Guide To Create a Professional Marketing Presence

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Guide To Create a Professional Marketing Presence
« on: February 29, 2012, 04:17:15 PM »
    1. A Guide to Create a Professional Marketing Presence Achieve Your Goals Faster… Presented by
    2. Professional Marketing Checklist This brief slideshow tutorial will guide you through the professional marketing tools that every small business professional or entrepreneur should utilize to enhance their marketing plan.
    3. Step 1. Develop a Professional Online Presence You NEED a Professional Website. Getting a website does not have to be expensive there are many sites that offer affordable templates, and template tuning. Register your domain name and at the very minimum get a one page website to establish your presence. Get a professional Logo HOT TIP! Need to know where to get a logo? Or how to choose a web design company? Sign up for the Tri- State Business Solutions professional presence marketing newsletter for more tips.
    4. Step 2. Professional Print Marketing Promote and brand your business by listing your website on all your business print materials. Always make sure all your documents have up to date contact information… no cross outs allowed. Print materials is not the area to skimp on! The printers logo on the back of your card is not a quality marketing move! Might help the printer but it wont help you. Cheap quality paper is a reflection on you and your service! Now that you have a website you need to make sure to promote it!
    5. Step 3. Remember me… brand, brand, brand Promotional Pens with your company logo, website and contact info is a great basic marketing strategy. Promotional items with your logo like note pads, mugs etc is an affordable way to stay in front of your prospects.
    6. Step 4. Delegate and Focus on your Passion Did you go into business to build or market websites and learn about SEO? Is your passion building databases and sending out mailings? If you answered no to the above then you need to delegate these essential but time consuming tasks to an assistant so you can focus on your passion! Cant afford a staff… then outsource there are many reputable companies that are passionate about handling your tasks. Delegate time consuming, but essential tasks.
    7. Step 5 . Online Marketing Pay Per Click Marketing Content Management Search Engine Optimization So now you have a website, business cards, promotional pens are you done? No you NEED to keep marketing your website! Unless you have tons of time to dedicate to doing research the above is best left to a professional. The above options are necessary to help give your website a higher ranking on major search engines. Market your website on major search engines using pay per click ads and only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Keep your website text current, and updated, offer product specials, or advice and tips on your product or service. Optimize your website using layout, keyword techniques.
    8. Step 6. Social Networking Blogging Networking Social networking / Blogging provides the opportunity to find contacts and potential customers you might never have met in person. Social Networking / Blogging can help you develop a stronger Web presence, enhanced credibility, and get more customers.
    9. Step 7. Keep in touch Start a newsletter or blog! Collect email addresses via opt in.
    10. Reach your goals faster than you ever imagined! Contact us for a free marketing consultation. Sign up for our blog on achieving a professional marketing presence. Reach your Goals Maintain Customer Base Social Networking Internet Marketing Delegate Promotional Giveaways Print Marketing Web Site

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