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Drop the calories
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:59:40 PM »
Welcome to the world of men…

Some of us may think they have it slightly easy. With possibly little or no responsibility around the household they love lurking around the couch, watching TV and eleven men following a single white ball.


That surely hurt. But on the contrary and to the disbelief and unconvincing groans of many women reading this piece; they do have a tougher life, then what we give them credit for!

But that's another topic to discuss about. Here we'd like to show how they can keep fit in a fun way and notably why they need to.

As most men get older, their cholesterol level spikes up in an alarming direction. The bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, gradually increases. Levels of good cholesterol on the other hand (HDL) tend to fall. This sinister combination of a high LDL and a low HDL is the central risk factor for heart disease.

To the novice, these terms may sound Greek. Simply said, it would mean that excess cholesterol is accumulating in the inner lining of the blood vessels causing blockage and ultimately heart attacks.

The best way to keep LDL down is to eat healthy food with low saturated fat content. To boost the HDL cholesterol there is simply no alternative to a good 'exercise' regime.  No matter how much aversion one may have towards moving hands, legs and feet. There is simply no running away – pun intended!

On a more positive note, the couch potatoes get to be truly fashionable, once in their lifetime -trying out all the workout gears, track pants and shoes ….

With a theme in your mind of 'Just doing it,' it's about time you stopped reading on it and actually did it!

We all know that swimming is the best way to burn-down the blues. The simple act of plunging into a pool and splashing through the cool water induces the release of endorphins!

So, if this is one good way to burn those bad cholesterols! We say why not?

Swimming helps develop cardiovascular endurance engaging every single muscle in the body. Most importantly it improves blood circulation significantly so much that this form of activity scrapes away the built up layers of cholesterol and also burns a lot of calories without stressing out the body.  If you want to enjoy all the fun, and avoid all kinds of stressful activities but loose calories on the way! You are not actually asking for too much from the world; because there is swimming. Thanks God!

Personally speaking stationary exercising instruments like treadmills and stair steppers really bore many down to the core. The best alternative for the niche crowd is to go for a session of kickboxing which can easily burn between 350 and 450 calories an hour according to the American Council on Exercise. This definitely has a positive impact on the heart, allowing for cardio conditioning and fat loss.

Any sort of sports especially ones to which we have a personal inclination makes us lose weight and keep fit naturally.  Whether it's as unusual as lacrosse or as common as soccer; anything works as long as it requires physical movement and not just frisking fingers and witless concentration on the black box immaculately placed on the wall.

To the naysayers--going to the gym can actually be fun! Listening to music while working out solo can definitely be a stress buster. Especially with fitness gurus around and friends working out in a group, this may as well be another get-together with the guys.

You have run out of excuses to meet up with friends. We are pretty sure your beloved would not deprive you of the meet-up if it's in a gym. She'd probably thank you for the result – if you are actually working out that is!

Having said so much the final output would be: no matter which exercise regime you follow, it must be enjoyable. Otherwise it wouldn't stick for long and we'd be back to square one.
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