Streamlined logistics

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Streamlined logistics
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:22:49 PM »
Streamlined logistics
Just like the logistics department of any other industry, food and beverage logistics can also use IoT technology in their operations. Such solutions can not only help F&B teams to track inventory in real time, but also help to automate shipments based on requests or predictions for replenishment.

For example, by implementing RFID (Radio frequency identification) transmitters and GPS systems, monitoring becomes more effective in the distribution chain. This allows companies to be informed with the preferences of customers, address market requirements in a better way and decrease waste. With the help of RFID tracking technology, food supply chain receives excellent visibility and benefits from automating the delivery and shipping processes that monitor and control the storage temperature.

In addition, it permits shippers to track the location of the product with GPS; by collecting the purposeful data, shippers get an idea of estimated performance in a different regions. This will eventually help shippers in understanding customer’s behavior to reduce dead miles in trucks.