Transparent Supply Chains

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Transparent Supply Chains
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:23:19 PM »
Transparent Supply Chains
Global supply chain has started implementing traceability and transparency, which helps in increasing customer loyalty and establishing trust between the business and the consumers. Because of this, both consumers and companies can track the products. IoT can make this entire process more convenient and effective.

Many food companies are adopting Safety for food (S4F) initiative. sflk

Let’s understand this with an example: A buyer enters a store and picks a box of chocolates. Using IoT technology, consumers can easily track entire food supply chain. The QR code on the box allows consumers to scan and learn everything about how the chocolates were made, the ingredients that were used, when it was made, how it was packaged, and how it reached to the store shelves. This will help the customer make more informed buying decisions and it will also help establish trust between the buyers and the sellers.