Policies for Tourism Sector Development in Bangladesh

Author Topic: Policies for Tourism Sector Development in Bangladesh  (Read 700 times)

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Policies for Tourism Sector Development in Bangladesh
« on: June 20, 2019, 04:44:45 PM »
The government has several active policies and legislation for the tourism sector namely the Bangladesh Tourism Board Act, the Tourism Policy 2010, the Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF) and the Perspective Plan 2021. These policies and legislation have been promulgated to develop and promote the tourism sector. Main features from some of these legislation are provided below. 
6.1 Bangladesh Tourism Board Act
1) To construct various rules under the law where the main objective is to fill in the gap of existing tourism rules and let regulations proceed.  2) To develop Tourism Industries through various planning related activities and side by side give advice as well as directions.  3) To create general awareness regarding tourism protection, development and exploration.  4) To execute responsible tourism through creation of some helping hand on behalf of government like as personal sector, local people, local admin, NGO, women federation, media.  5) To create better communication channel for the International Tourists Organizations in Bangladesh with both government and private tourism related organizations.  6) To create a strong and safe foothold for the Bangladeshi Tourist by coordinating with respective government organizations.  7) To create a tourism friendly environment in Bangladesh and to market its tourism potential in both domestic and foreign nations.  8) To develop human resource for tourism sector by creating training facilities and to provide them with the right directions.  9) To attract tourists by maintaining quality and relevant material which in turn can provide smooth tourism service and ensuring necessary actions that need to be taken for maintenance.  10) To ensure the participation of physically challenged people.  11) To protect women rights and ensure their participation in the tourism sector. 12) To research on tourism industry, to survey international markets and to analyze the data.  13) To support the small tourism based industries and to provide them the right direction.  14) To organize tourism related fairs and to encourage tourism through various promotional techniques.  15) To create a database regarding tourism prospects.  16) To comply with whichever duty imposed by the Government.
6.2 Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism- Medium-Term Budget Framework 
6.2.1 Formulation and implementation of laws and policies relating to civil aviation
6.2.2 Modernization and rationalization of airports, air routes and air services 
6.2.3 Supervision of activities relating to air space control, safe take-off and landing of aircraft, aeronautical inspection, and the issuance of licenses for aircraft and pilots 
6.2.4 Formulation of laws and rules relating to registration of travel agencies and monitoring of their implementation 
6.2.5 Formulating, updating and implementing laws and policies for tourism, taking into account global perspectives 
6.2.6 Undertaking research for development of the tourism industry, its modern management and creation of skilled manpower 
6.2.7 Establishing, directing and controlling associated/service-oriented organizations for the overall development of the tourism industry 
6.2.8 Signing of contracts relating to civil aviation and tourism with local and international organizations and supervision of all activities concerned with co-ordination.
6.3 Implementation Strategy of National Tourism Policy  For a well balanced development of the tourism industry, the following institutional set-up will function from national to local levels:
6.3.1 National Tourism Council
6.3.2. Cabinet Committee on Tourism
6.3.3. Advisory Committee on Tourism
6.3.4. Inter-ministerial Co-ordination and Implementation Committee
6.3.4. At Divisional and Local Level
6.3.5. Involvement the Bangladesh Embassy, Mission abroad

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Re: Policies for Tourism Sector Development in Bangladesh
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thanks for sharing