What are the things we should give up if we want to be successful?

Author Topic: What are the things we should give up if we want to be successful?  (Read 684 times)

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5 quick ones.

That you’ll be glad you gave up.

1)Mediocrity. If you do what everyone else does you’ll be like everyone else. If you want to be extraordinary you need to do the extraordinary. Never could understand people doing what’s common yet expecting the extraordinary. At little crazy.

2)Wasting time. Fit in all the important pieces of life. Family, friends, health, spiritual. But in your spare time you either will grow or stagnate. You’ll either become an expert in your field or about teams in the NFL. I stopped watching the NFL a while ago.

3)Letting others dictate your life. You can either take charge of your life or someone else will. You can either set the direction for your life or someone else will. Which do you think will work out better? Who do you think cares more for your success? Think carefully.

4)Negative friends. You’ll become the sum of your closest friends. Hang out with negative losers and you’ll become one. Hang out with successful winners and you’ll become one. Hmm, that seems pretty simple. Glad I thought of that.

5)Negativity. Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on losing. Successful people expect to succeed. Failing people expect to fail. Some people predict failing so they’re never disappointed. And they’re not. Never quite saw the point of that.
Sometimes it’s just good to give up a few things.
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Re: What are the things we should give up if we want to be successful?
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Thanks for sharing.
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