Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites

Author Topic: Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites  (Read 1680 times)

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Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites
« on: August 07, 2019, 09:52:15 AM »
International Conference on Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites: Prospects and Challenges in Green University on 23 August, 2019

Outer Space now has opened boundless opportunity for mankind especially using it commercially. The history began with launching of Telster-1 (first commercial satellite) in 1962. Since then many doors have been opened for the commercial uses of outer space including asteroid mining and space tourism. Space faring countries have already taken many actions to accrue the maximum benefits from outer space. In 2018, Bangladesh launched its first geo-stationary satellite i.e. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (BS-1) in outer space. As a communication satellite, BS-1 reduced the dependency on foreign satellites for broadcasting, telecommunications and weather forecasting especially during natural disasters. It can prevent shelling out $14 million per year for 34 television channels in Bangladesh which are using MHz bandwidth from foreign satellites. At the same time it can earn $10 million annually from local television channels for satellite communication. Moreover, money earned by renting some of its transponders will also contribute for earing foreign currencies. However, access in outer space and its exploitation is heavy dependent on financial and technological assistance of developed countries. It is often argued that benefits from space exploitation are bagged by space faring countries. Therefore, it becomes very pertinent to measure the effectiveness of international space laws especially for commercial exploitation. Thus the challenges embark on imbalance in fundamental principles of space laws, as the practice does not always recognize the interest of all the countries. The most discussed question are whether the laws are equipped enough to safeguard the interests of non- space- faring countries and what initiatives now need to be taken for ensuring equal and equitable interests of all countries of the world keeping pace with the role of national space legislations etc.

Keeping all these issues in view, Green University of Bangladesh,consecutively second time, is going to arrange the international conference in Space Law on 23 August, 2019. The theme of the conference is "Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites: Prospects and Challenges". This conference will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for international and national experts to discuss and learn various aspects of space activity aligned with international space law and policy. Therefore, the conference aims to bring together leading academic and non-academic researchers, legal experts, innovators, investors and students to exchange and share their experiences, concerns and challenges in the field of space law and activity.

Objectives of the conference

To highlight the recent trends of commercialization of outer space.
To focus on the recent development of Commercial Exploitation in Outer Space.
To overview international practice for regulating space commercial activities.
To discuss the possible areas of exploitations in outer space for developing nations
5. To highlight the challenges for developing nations in space activity.
To find out the means of equitable and equal sharing of benefits of space exploration.
Who Should Attend:

The conference is planned for decision makers, technical experts, researchers, educationists and students involved in space law and technology from international, regional, national and local academic institutions, governmental agencies, non-governmental development agencies and also from private industries engaged in space related activities. Experts and professional from space related institutions are welcome to attend.

Call for Papers:

Participants are kindly encouraged to contribute in the conference through submissions of their research abstracts and/or papers on the conference topics as highlighted. High quality original research articles will be published free of charge in an Edited Book or any of the 3 Green University Research Journals i.e Green University Review of Social Science, a peer reviewed international research journal (ISSN 2313-237X), Journal of Green Business School (ISSN 2522-7297); GUB Journal of Science and Engineering (ISSN 2409-0476).


The conference will be a blend of presentations by our esteemed resource persons and paper presenters. Topics of interest for submission include the following sub-themes, but are not limited to-

Benefits of Space for sustainable development goals
Commercial exploitation in Outer Space and its legal and technical challenges.
Business prospects through satellite.
Outer Space and developing nations.
Orbital slot and Transponder leasing.
Space Tourism in future global attraction.
National Jurisdiction over outer space for its commercial uses.
Academic and industrial link up in space activity.


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Re: Commercial Exploitation of Outer Space through Satellites
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