10 Habits Holding You Back From Success

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10 Habits Holding You Back From Success
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:00:12 AM »
1. Making Empty Promises
You are a representative of your business or the company you work for. If you don’t come through on a promise made, it taints your image and your company’s.

When somebody tells you they’ll do something, and they don’t—do you want to ask them to do it again? No, and the same applies to you.

Avoid making empty promises by taking your calendar seriously. Every time you make a promise to do something, put it in your calendar so it’s impossible to forget.

When you promise you’ll do something by a certain date, have it done.

2. Blaming Others
When everything goes wrong, it’s not your colleague’s, friend’s, or family’s fault.

When we blame others for our misfortunes or lack of success, we are expecting other people to be the reason we become successful.

Success is internal, it is our choice to live by the habits of successful people and it is our choice to not.

Instead of blaming others and wondering, “Why did this person do this to me?”, we can change the question to “How do I avoid this happening again?”

3. Waiting For The Perfect Time

“When I’m ready” is a common trap that unsuccessful people fall into. We wait for a sign instead of making one ourselves.

The idea that we’ll be ready one day—but aren’t now—is like a mirage that keeps moving farther away as you think you’re getting closer.

If you wait for the perfect time to go for it, you’re going to miss the opportunity.

Feeling like we’re not ready is our comfort zone trying to keep us safe. It’s telling us that if we stay in this bubble, nothing bad can happen.

What happens if we leave our comfort zone and push past our boundaries?

We discover new land, new opportunities, and new gold. This is where unsuccessful people get left behind. Whenever you feel nervous to execute, ask yourself, “Am I just scared?”.

4. Talking About Goals, But Not Setting Them
Have you ever told someone you had a plan to do something and met them a few months later only to have made no progress?

This person asks you how things are going with your plan and you have nothing to show for it. This is what happens when we talk about our goals instead of setting them.

To set goals, reverse engineer your way from finish to start. If you want to make $100,000 dollars this year, how much money do you have to make each month to reach that goal?

How many more clients or customers do you need to reach that monthly goal? Setting goals, specifically SMART goals, is a mathematical equation that breaks down your large goal into daily action that turns it into reality.

5. Procrastinating
Procrastinating is an interesting indulgence. We procrastinate because it feels better than working, but afterward, we feel terrible for not working. It makes us feel unsuccessful, unworthy, and like a failure.

Have you ever worked all day on your business or passions, sat down and thought, “I wasted my entire day?”

When we pursue action and our dreams, we feel good. When we feel good, we take more action. When we take more action we make goals reality.

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