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Christianity-some basic info.


1 - In medieval times, Christmas lasted for 12 days and finished on Twelfth Night, also called:
Ans: Epiphany
2 - From which two of the Gospels does the Nativity story come?
Ans:  Matthew and Luke

3 - Which Saint, from a place in modern-day Turkey, is associated with Christmas gifts?
4 - Saint Boniface is said to have used the triangular shape of the Christmas fir tree to symbolise:
Ans:  The Trinity
5 - The date of Christmas was set by Pope Julius I, but why did he choose the 25th December?
Ans:  To replace a Pagan celebration on that date

6 - In what year did the Puritan ban on Christmas begin in Britain?
Ans:  1644

7 - The name of Advent, the time of preparation for Christmas, is from a Latin word meaning:
Ans:  Coming

8 - What does the red colour of holly berries symbolise to Christians?
Ans:  The blood of Jesus

9 - What does the Bible give as the names of the Magi (also called the Three Wise Men or Three Kings) who visited Jesus?
Ans:  They aren't named

10 - What church service is traditionally held on Christmas Eve to welcome Christmas Day?
Ans:  Midnight Mass

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