Top ten habits to have in life

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Top ten habits to have in life
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:43:36 PM »
Never tolerate failures. Never consider failures as the end of everything. Failures always exist. Truth is, success might not be one of the possibilities of the aftermath. But, if you never give up on yourself and continually re-evaluate and improve the way you work, there will be constant progress. And this progress will increase the chance of your success.
Sleep and get up early. This is a very effective way to increase your productivity. Your body needs rest as it needs food-regular but not overloading.
Do Exercise! I think three times of 2.4 km run per week would be ideal. Daily push-ups and sit-ups would also be great!
Smile to your haters, no matter what.[/b] I know it is difficult. But letting toxic people exert negative pressure that might ruin your mood even for a single day is disastrous. Can you imagine how catastrophic it could be when it comes to meeting with clients with a broken mood/concentration?
Drink waters, a lot. Waters is good for your mind and body. It helps you to concentrate better.
Take a shower at 4/5 AM. This therapy works for me. I found many inspirations and creative ideas during the early morning shower.
When you have an idea comes up in your mind, no matter how raw it is, write it down! You never know what the future has in its arsenal to surprise you-Your future might depend on what you write now.
Do not play with your phones during dinner. Discussing private affairs with your family during dinner is an efficient way of saving your other fifteen minutes for other positive activities(reading, exercising, etc).
Spend thirty minutes per week of your weekend to re-evaluate your last week's progress. Ask yourself this about how many hours did you spend on the reading book A? How was the improvement in your life? How many hours did you work? How were the results of your work/study? Was it good enough? If not, where did you go wrong? How are the solutions to these failures? Are there some problems that you can not handle yourself? If yes, Do you have somebody you think you should talk to? When will you see him/her?
Never shout to your mom/dad/spouse/children when you argue with them. For one, Problems will always best solved when you have a cool head. Another thing is that families are prone to dissolution when you and your husband/wife get mad and shout at the same time. One must calm himself/herself down to maintain balance.
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Re: Top ten habits to have in life
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Nice sharing
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Re: Top ten habits to have in life
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Motivational post...
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