AI, AN and Blockchain Technology Together Can Revolutionize the Human Race

Author Topic: AI, AN and Blockchain Technology Together Can Revolutionize the Human Race  (Read 1937 times)

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AN (Artificial Intuition) are the buzz words of the computer science world. Interestingly, these two technologies are aficionados of human intelligence and are constructed to assist the human race in its overall growth and progress. To understand how they help us, humans, in various sectors, how these technologies are different, and how blockchain can use and push them to greater heights, we have written this article to present an interesting perspective on the topic. Let us start with understanding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AN (Artificial Intuition) first and then dive into their interrelations.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the first place?
Artificial Intelligence or AI is an umbrella term that covers many aspects of machine intelligence. Therefore, any device which is capable of perceiving its environment and is able to take related required actions towards a set goal will come under AI. One can say that in a way, AI is, to an extent mimicking the cognitive functions of human intelligence, such as learning, retaining memories, solving complex problems, etc. The authors of the book- ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach,’ Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig suggest that historically AI is defined to constitute:

Thinking humanly
Thinking rationally
Acting humanly
Acting rationally
Defining Artificial Intuition (AN):
Simply put, there is a form of intelligence that exists beyond logical intelligence and skill-set. In a human being, it is called intuition. It’s the same intuition that enables us to understand if a stack of Oreos is unstable and may fall, even when we don’t know the physics and mathematical formulae that govern balance and imbalance. Artificial Intuition is the next stage that comes after Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intuition is a result of using a sensible direction that makes use of many micro-skills, memories, skill-set nested together. In computers, intuition is surprisingly easy to implement. But it requires a huge memory space. This challenge naturally gushes us towards the help the blockchain technology can offer. Like AI is an important building block in AN, AN can be an integral part of the blockchain technology. In this article, we will see how these technologies can be mutually beneficial and how blockchain is pushing both of these technologies.

The transformational power of the blockchain technology for AI and AN:
Blockchain technology has disrupted many industries such as the finance sector, healthcare, business logistics, security, education, food supply, etc., for good. AI and AN are also in line for this constructive disruption, as the blockchain technology offers safer, faster, more transparent, zero tolerance for frauds, cost-effective, risk management strength, etc. Scientists and experts are working hard to incorporate the power of blockchain technology into AI and AN sectors too. Merging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AN (Artificial Intuition) with the blockchain technology can result is great analyzing power of AN and transparency of blockchain technology. The ways in which the blockchain technology can transform these technologies are simply min-blowing. Let’s look at it here:

The peer-to-peer system of the blockchain technology can feed AN & AI with ample data source:
The effectiveness of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AN (Artificial Intuition) hinges on the amount of data that is available to them. The current access to data through means such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other similar social platforms, is beneficial to the development of the AI and AN, but it comes with a limitation. Moreover, this data is not available on the market.

Blockchain technology, with its peer-to-peer system, can solve this issue. Given everything is open on the ledger technology, everyone gets easy access to data on the network.

Data management:
Handling the huge amount of data has been an ever-existing problem for many years. It is estimated that the amount of current data is 1.3 Zettabytes. To an extent, the sub-branch of AI- ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ has been successfully able to work as a ‘feedback control system.’ But due to its centralized nature, it too had its limits.

Fortunately, with the emergence of ledger technology, a fresh avenue of decentralized technology where the management of the data has become very effective. The security of the data, due to the decentralized nature, has also improved. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology acts as a strong wall against the pressing issues such as hacking and corruption.

The immutable blockchain technology hones more trustworthy AI structure:
AI and AN, as seen above, is heavily reliant on the amount of data they get exposed to. Due to issues such as intentional tampering, human error, technical faults, the results of the data analysis by AI can be manipulated.

In such a situation, blockchain technology’s transparent, verifiable, time-stamped, auditable, open-network, and open-access nature can prove to be a great boon to the data analysis sector.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AN (Artificial Intuition) can, therefore, act far more effectively with a trustworthy data source. The already-verified data offered by the blockchain technology can offer benefits such as:

Lowered troubleshooting session
Decreased tampered data
Irregularity in the supply chain
Lower the stress in data management
Given the data will be traceable and auditable, the management of the data will become far more effective, thus boosting the AI and AN industry to great lengths.

Better control over rights to any content:
Your ‘rights on your content’ is a very sensitive topic, and unfortunately, it is the very thing that is compromised the most. For instance, most of the social platforms these days make you give up (fully or partially) your right to your content, which you publish on their platforms. This can lead to issues such as plagiarism, cyber crimes, copyright issues, etc.

The blockchain technology in such as a case can be very beneficial. With its data-verifying nature, it can guarantee the correct authorship of the content, and in addition, it can offer additional support in:

True license
Permission access to the content
Paid-access to the content
Paid-usage of the content
Maintaining IP (Intellectual Property) rights
Royalty rights can be maintained
Privacy of the content can be better controlled
The ways in which the blockchain technology can help the AI and AN sector are endless. In this article, we have tried to give you a birds-eye view of the possibilities. The fact that the blockchain technology can disrupt the AI and AN industry for good is very promising. Many blockchain firms that support the blockchain technology with AI & Artificial Intuition (AN) like, Velas, have already started to materialize the benefits. The future holds a lot of excitement and true growth with the amalgamation of AI, AN, and blockchain technology’s super-powers.