What About Eco-preneurship

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What About Eco-preneurship
« on: February 25, 2020, 11:09:04 AM »
what about "ecopreneurship"? A combination of the words ‘eco’ and ‘entrepreneurship’, here the focus is on enterprises that combine business with environmental or climate impact.

The rise of digital technologies often plays a key role here, with ecopreneurs making use of the new tools available to implement their visions of a sustainable future. From cutting down on food waste, to protecting marine life and making smart use of renewable energies - as the following examples of ecopreneurship show, the solutions are just as diverse as the challenges they're developed to tackle:

The Finnish startup RePack has developed a deposit scheme for online retailers to help cut back on the packaging waste caused by the increasing boom of online shopping.
The Banana Pinger is a small, simple-looking and affordable device that can be clipped onto fishing nets to warn dolphins and whales of the presence of large fishing nets and protect them from ending up as by-catch.

A road surface that generates electricity from sunlight, absorbs noise, breaks down nitrogen oxides, defrosts ice in winter, provides valuable data and supplies electric vehicles with electricity - the German startup Solmove has installed its first ever "Voltstreet" just outside Cologne.
Online energy market place Enyway wants to make the major energy companies a thing of the past. How? The Enyway platform decentralises the energy market by connecting green energy producers - both large and small - directly with consumers.

The CityTree from Green City Solutions kills several birds with one stone: it filters CO2 from the air, provides environmental data via the IoT and lowers the temperature in the surrounding area. This rectangular-shaped piece of city furniture can be installed almost anywhere in the city and is covered with a certain type of moss that has the same pollution-fighting power as 275 trees.
WEtell is Germany's first all-round sustainable mobile network provider: climate-positive, secure, transparent and fair.

Collected from https://en.reset.org/knowledge/ecopreneurship-innovative-business-climate-impact-11202019