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Converter based Frequency Adjustment and Protection of Grid-tied Wind Farm


Frequency adjustment and protection of a wind turbine due to wind gust is a salient aspect of the grid-tied wind farm. Both of them require conserving system stability. This paper presents an investigation of the converter based frequency adjusting method and wind turbine protection. A grid-tied wind power system model using the Doubly Fed Induction Generator in MATLAB is used. To regulate the active power output, synchronization between wind velocity and wind turbine speed is adjusted. Thus, wind farm operated at grid frequency and maximize turbine output. The control strategy of the converter based frequency synchronization of a grid-tied wind farm also includes protection subsystem. The protection system executed by receiving information from the logical block implemented in the wind farm model. It provides wind turbine protection by terminating wind turbine from a grid in abnormal wind conditions. The Simulation result validates the results and control methods.


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