Tales of F

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Tales of F
« on: February 26, 2020, 05:35:56 PM »
Tales of F
May 27, 2014 at 2:24pm
Here you are
Between vowel and consonant
Forever you are, constant?
Like a signpost to Follow
Signalling what?
To the Forest, Fountain or Field?
To the palace, in Fab, in Feast?

You came to me when
I was born
In February.
You stands
One foot stamped
Like a broken E.
Frail to see
But Free.
Free from Fear.
Fear to Fly
Fear to Faint
You have not.

I Find you in Faith.
In my Fasting,
In my Forgiveness,
In my Freedom,
In my Friend,
In my Family,
In my Future,
In My Faith.

I Follow you,
But you are lost.
In a Flickering sound
I hear,
Fair is Foul
Foul is Fair.

You come again
In Flamboyant Fleshes,
In many Fair Faces,
In Fame with Fissure
In Facebook.
Too Front to see
Too Far to know.
You come with Facades
With Frivolous Flirt,
Far from Feeling
Far from Faith.

I cannot Fight with you,
Finish you, curse you,
Flap you, slap you with Fff...!

What for you
To be blamed?
My Faith, may be
Frozen now.
In Fantasy it glided for long
In Fairyland, it heard a song.

You stands and
Follow the rest
Not to Favor us.

But we, to Figure out
Fair from Foul
Foul from Fair.