Samsung unveils foldable phone, Galaxy S20 to fend off Apple, Huawei

Author Topic: Samsung unveils foldable phone, Galaxy S20 to fend off Apple, Huawei  (Read 232 times)

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Samsung Electronics on Tuesday unveiled a foldable smartphone shaped like a large makeup compact and put 5G mobile network capabilities into all of its other flagship devices as it strives to retain the mantle of biggest global phone company.

Samsung's second attempt at a folding phone after a delayed rollout last year comes as the South Korean firm fends off its traditional rival in the premium smartphone market, Apple Inc , along with ascendant Chinese makers such as Huawei that have eaten into its sales in China and Europe. Huawei has only released its own folding phones in China, and Apple has yet to release a 5G iPhone of any kind.

Some analysts said sales of Samsung's new flagship series, the Galaxy S20 - which feature as many as four powerful cameras - will be slightly less than those of its predecessor, expecting foldable phones could eat into some of its sales.

Shares of Samsung, which generated 34 per cent of its profit last year from the mobile business and half from its chip business, rose 0.2 per cent in a flat wider market.

The Galaxy Z Flip, with folding glass, starts as a large square when closed and expands to look like most smartphones. It will start at $1,380 and be available from Friday in purple, gold and black, executives said in San Francisco.

Last year's Galaxy Fold, a larger unit that folds like a book and was panned for its construction, had a plastic screen and was priced at nearly $2,000.

Carriers are betting on 5G handsets to revive demand, as people keep their phones for as long as three to four years with the global smartphone market maturing, said Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm Inc, which supplied the chips for many of the Samsung devices.

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