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divine love
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:24:51 AM »
Photo and story Gmb Akash

I used to hate fighting with my wife when I was young! But my whole life I have had to fight with my wife over little things. Most of the times after having a quarrel, I would forget what the quarrel was about but my wife never forgets and her mouth used to never stop yelling at me all the day!

I used to pray to God, “Please God, stop her mouth!” And finally, God listened to my prayers after a long time, just when I had already started loving her yelling!
Nowadays I love quarrelling with my wife! Because whenever my wife starts shouting her jaw locks! This means whenever she starts yelling and opens her mouth wide, she, herself, can't shut her mouth anymore. Every time this happens, I have to take her to the village doctor to fix her jaw and get her mouth closed.

Today, in the morning she started yelling at me because I missed the vegetable market! Her jaw is locked again. I asked her " Will you ever yell at me again?" She shook her head and said she would never yell at me again."

I came out to buy her vegetables and am walking slowly in order to punish her a little because I know the moment the doctor will fix it she will start up again!

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