New CISCO Certifications 2020

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New CISCO Certifications 2020
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:36:58 AM »
Cisco Systems, Inc. offers a line of vendor-specific certifications for its products. Cisco’s many credentials suit every level of IT practitioner, offering entry-level, intermediate, specialist or even expert-level credentials. Network professionals and managers who pursue any of their certifications will definitely bring value to the organizations that employ them; in particular, network engineers undergoing training to earn these certs can prove their skills and technical knowledge and are potentially headed to highly rewarding careers.

1. CCNA changes
2. CCDP and CCNP changes
3. CCIE changes

DevNet: To be added to Cisco’s certification program
The DevNet certification program is a brand-new track that embraces network professionals and software developers and potentially creates one community and the IT teams of the future. This offer supports Cisco’ mission to support intent-based networking by aligning business goals to network results; intent-based networking, in fact, is based on closing the gap between what the business really needs and what its IT infrastructure delivers. Cisco believes that the DevNet certification program can help professionals “combine infrastructure expertise with the power of programming to take advantage of the possibilities of intent-based networking.”

Cisco certifications has devised a complete overhaul of its programs in order to better validate a professional’s skills, cover the newest technologies and be in line with current job roles and today’s IT practitioners’ interests or aspirations. Cisco, in most cases, offers the ability to start where the student wants with no formal prerequisites to begin the path towards an associate, specialist, professional or expert level certification. Studying for the exams, candidates will develop a deep understanding of the various aspects of networking, while assessing their proficiency with the same Cisco technology that is so present today in most companies’ IT environments and to which most professionals will be exposed. With three-year recertification deadlines and no more continuing education administrative fee, as of February 24, 2020, Cisco is looking to streamline its offer and be more user-friendly for newer and expert professionals alike.
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LMC and Head of Cisco Networking Academy
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