Additional key skills that graduate recruiters look for

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Additional key skills that graduate recruiters look for
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:17:16 PM »
Think you’ve got the top 10 covered? If you can show your mastery of a further five key skills – managing ambiguity, resilience, analytical skills, entrepreneurial skills and IT skills – you’ll be even better placed to land the graduate job you want.

Managing ambiguity
Our advice explains what is meant by managing ambiguity and why it is a particularly important skill in complex, fast-changing environments, such as the retail sector.

Graduate employers look for resilience in their recruits because it enables employees to cope with change, problems and stress. Find out how to develop your resilience and how employers assess it during the recruitment process.

Analytical skills
Analytical skills enable you to work with different kinds of information, see patterns and trends and draw meaningful conclusions. Analytical skills are often assessed using aptitude or psychometric tests.

Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
Spotting gaps in the market, suggesting ways to improve processes, or coming up with new ideas are all signs of an entrepreneurial approach. You don’t have to set up your own business to make use of your enterprise skills; many employers will be looking out for graduate recruits with these qualities.

IT skills
The best way to demonstrate your IT skills to employers is to show that you have been able to use them to achieve something, and you can demonstrate this with examples from your studies, extracurricular activities or work experience.

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