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Congrats! If you are reading this, you are probably interviewing – or getting ready to interview. If you’re following the T20S guide to preparing for job interviews (which you SHOULD, btw), you know that you should prepare for all expected interview questions. One of the most common interview questions is, “what is your biggest weakness?”

TBH, my perfectly honest answer to ‘what is your biggest weakness’ would be that I love watching The Real Housewives (is that a weakness?) and somehow can’t control how much chocolate I eat, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, that is not what your interviewer wants to hear.

In fact, the question, “what is your biggest weakness” is one of the most common – and one of the trickiest. When you share a weakness or any negative in a job interview, you want to frame it in a positive way. Remember – this is your one chance to make a positive impression out of all the applicants.

I can’t stress this enough – practice your answer to this question. You really want to phrase your answer to “What are your biggest weaknesses” as a positive, while still stating that you human – and yes, you have weaknesses.

What I’m saying is, there’s an art to answering this question. Instead of simply giving you what I would say (because we are all different), let’s talk about how you can frame your answer to this question!

How To Answer The Job Interview Question “What Is Your Biggest Weakness”
Don’t Say Something Cheesy
If someone is interviewing you, they probably are interviewing other people. Giving a generic answer that is the first answer on Google probably isn’t going to seem very ‘real’. You want to give any answer as a positive, but you also want to be honest!

Even if this is unlikely to happen (which it probably is), you want to have evidence to back up what you say in interviews – so if you say a blatant answer off of a script, you will be super transparent.

We’ll give some more concrete answers to ‘what is your biggest weakness’ throughout the rest of this article.

Tell The Truth
As mentioned in #1, you want to find some truth to your answer. So, a good answer for me would be that I often say “yes” to things, taking on too many projects. This is genuinely, so true. But, you have to find an answer that isn’t something so true that someone wouldn’t want to hire you.

I’m being so transparent here because I want you to find the perfect answer. You want to essentially give your answer that can be spun into a positive. When thinking about your biggest weakness, think, will someone still want to hire me after this?

For example, if you say, I’m terrible at follow up – someone will not want to hire you. People want you to be accountable in a role, so if you share that you are horrible at follow up – figure out how to make a to do this and keep that one to yourself.

However, with my example, (that I often say yes), someone will infer that I’m a hard worker, and will make an impact in their business. I can then spin it to a positive (which we’ll talk about in #3), on how I’ve learned to make their business better as a result of this weakness.

Spin Your Answer Positively
It’s important that while sharing your answer, you show you can take feedback and learn. I mean, no one is perfect. Even if we like to think we are. If you can show that even if you are not perfect, you know how to learn, and evolve, that will signal something positive on the job.

For example, if your biggest weakness is that you are very detailed oriented – so sometimes you have trouble looking at the big picture, you can easily spin this to a positive. You can say you researched how to look at things in the big picture and now, after recognizing this, always look towards the next step. Showing you came up with a process to understand your weaknesses makes you even more valuable!

Plan your job interview answer in advance
As we’ve talked about before, preparing for an interview is one of the most important things you can do. If you are interviewing, THIS IS A QUESTION YOU ARE GOING TO BE ASKED.

Try these things to prepare for an interview: 1. Figure out and write down your answer and then 2. Say it out loud. 3. Say it out loud again! Make sure you are practicing speaking it, it will really help!

Show how you evolve and learn
You might be thinking at this point, what the heck am I going to say for my biggest weakness during your job interview! There are so many possible answers. Being too detail oriented, saying yes too much, wanting things done quickly, and more.

For any of these – you can spin it to a positive. Let’s say your weakness is that you like things to be done quickly, you can then say that you’ve learned to ask all of your teammates about their working style, and adapt to what they do best.

Job interviews are so incredibly tough! If you prepare though, you’ll be more than good to go. I promise!