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Online Class using easy ways of easy Tools


Online Education using different tools:

Planning for Semester:
1. Create class in Google Classroom (GC)
2. Create Google Meet Link (GML) for each GC
3. Create Facebook Messenger Group (FMG) for each Course Section (for quick communication)
4. Publish Google Classroom Code (GCC) into FMG
5. Create Facebook Group (FG) for each Course Section as an alternative for content sharing

Session Preparation:
1. Prepare lesson for the session
2. Prepare hands-on examples

1. Use Google Calendar to schedule the classes and create Google Meet Session Link
2. Publish the Google Meet Link into Google Classroom (if not created before)
3. Publish the Google Meet Link into FMG / FG

On going Session:
1. Use Google Meet for video conferencing showing my face like F2F class
2. Lecture using different Tools like PowerPoint Slides,  Programming IDE, Designing tools (draw.io), reference video clips, eBooks etc.
3. Take a quiz using Google Forms
4. Video Recording of the session
5. Answer student's questions verbally.
6. Use Meet chat for Attendance and communication
7. Share screens (both teacher and students)
8. Use Google Drive for file sharing
9. Use Jamboard as a classroom white board

After Session:
1. Let them do practice at home.
2. Students can watch Video Recording of the session repeatedly even who was absent.
3. Students prepare assignment, presentation and upload in Google Classroom
4. Use Google Forms for scheduled Quiz / Feedback

Thanks for spending your valuable time.


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