Post-pandemic future: what does Covid-19 mean for global HE? starts in 1 day

Author Topic: Post-pandemic future: what does Covid-19 mean for global HE? starts in 1 day  (Read 625 times)

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This situation is a warning to HEIs to be proactive and keep themselves always ready to face and strongly tackle such pandemics with prior managed initiatives
The reputation of HEIs will depend on how they handle the international students after this situation 
Online teaching-learning opportunities and platforms need to be strengthened and emphasized. Universities should charge less for online education and include collaborative learning in their virtual courses.
Cross govt. initiatives and actions need to be taken to decide the International students' tuition fees soon after the pandemic situation. Waiver for international students may need to be extended.
Universities’ ability to communicate well with students and parents and to offer reassuring messages may be of critical importance
Universities should focus on introducing more flexible admissions processes and strengthening their communications strategies to mitigate any potential damage from the coronavirus crisis 
Graduating on time culture needs to be implemented to get rid of any session mismatch
Govt. and Universities need to invest more in R&D on human health and tackling natural pandemics like COVID 19   
The coronavirus crisis helped to understand more that international students add value to universities and the whole economy.
Universities rethinking patterns in this crisis management plan is vital because, in the coming days we may face more severe situations (Hope ALLAH will save us from all odds, In Sha ALLAH). In this case, we need to think about it, considering long-term plans so that we may get prepared for ourselves to resume the operation properly.
We also need to think about our international students as it needs to be considered by us that greater numbers of students will face growing uncertainty about their travel plans (case of international students). Major areas are travel restrictions; university closures; flight cancellations; difficulties with obtaining scholarship interviews, visa applications, or language tests; exam cancellations or postponements; and health concerns.
University needs to search out how students feel about changes in educational delivery and the rise of online learning.
As DIU is working on COVID 19, it will add more to our acceptability, internationally (responding to this global health emergency).
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