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Legal Entity of Rivers


Ferdousi Begum:
It has been one year since the HCD of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has declared Turag river as a living entity. There are 17 directives and many observations that have been made by the Court. Specially the one that the State and other concerned departments of the government will comply with this ruling and take necessary steps to save the river from pollution and encroachment. But still we do not see any such steps are taken. Recently though the Uttarakhand Court of India made declaration of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers as legal entity, afterwards they made the declaration void under legal ramifications to abide by the previous order of the Court. Various jurisdictions of this world declared rivers as living entity which may be seen as the legal developments of the environmental law yet there implementation may be a challenge in every jurisdiction.

Mahmud Arif:
Thank you for sharing.

Ferdousi Begum:
Thanks for reading. I am writing an article on this, hopefully will publish it in the next year.


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