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Humayun Kabir Polash:
Entrepreneurship development is now considered one of the key paths to economic growth especially in a developing economy like ours. The rate of industrial development, economic growth and employment generation depend upon entrepreneurship development. Business Plan is a vital tool for entrepreneurs. It is a blueprint which guides the entrepreneurs on appropriate and effective steps to be
taken at each stage of their business. Business plan is not just for a start-up company but also for existing companies to aid their growth and survival. SME entrepreneurs need a roadmap for marketing management, production management, human resource management, sales forecasting, optimum utilization of raw materials and resources, risk assessment, risk management, financial analysis including profit and loss account, productivity improvement and other aspects which can be addressed through a comprehensive business plan. Moreover, business plan can be a major reference document for banks and other financial institutions for assessing the credit worthiness of the entrepreneurs or enterprises. (Sourece-SME)

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