Various Resources by Abdus Salam Sony

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Various Resources by Abdus Salam Sony
« on: April 02, 2010, 07:01:16 PM »
sir today's  various reasonable out sourcing job available in online.

sir there are many outsourcing company doing in our country
like one of them

This is Indian Earning sector. This sector already contribute there GDP.
there are many more.

MR JAKIR is a idol of this sector in our Bangladesh (i know that)
he makes this site for Bangladeshi worker

there are many international web site support now for using internet get earn

There Support all Skills Person.
many more ptc site,ppr site,forum based networking,article based web site posting,social web based marketing way,corporate data entry support,over call customer support,net based many skilled job here.

sir when you arrange this types of training than you arrange many outside work.
sir when you provide skill person in your outsourcing sector you will get more money.
many Indian company is now get this types job and earning foreign money,they are also give to buyer her complete experience.
sir when you are get this types of job you will first make a professional team.then collect the job and complete the job successfully.i think that this is possible to our university because we have many it based strong team.
but must be need professional  person who also try to get job (bid process) and share the team complete the buyer job.
when one student said we have no part time job this time our university give a professional support and job replacement in our university outsourcing firm. i think that this is good job for our student .

sir i know this types of knowledge of this BPO sector.

sir i am study in real estate but they have not any technical knowledge at now thats why

 sir i am addmit in our DIPTI
1-Interior Design
2-Auto cad

 another institution support
1-Revit Architecture  knowledge

this is Bangladeshi first Real estate Design based software where doing Complete A Real Estate Project  with interior and Exterior Design.
When a student learn this software they are Estimated her Project and design her project,completed her structural Design With ETABS,SAFE.
so that's why i think that this is very important our real estate subject.
after 3 years all real estate company use this software for making her project and submit real project design in only 1 hour .When we know it get proper knowledge in real estate sector.Sir at now i am learn this software using real estate.

i want to improve my self and my university all time.
that's why i am ready to do any kinds of job in our university.

thanks sir
i am very happy for communicate with you.

Mohammad Abdus Salam Sony
Department Of Real Estate
1st batch ,1st student
Daffodil International University