Article on Environmental Outcomes of Green Entrepreneurship Harmonization

Author Topic: Article on Environmental Outcomes of Green Entrepreneurship Harmonization  (Read 70 times)

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Establishing equilibrium between business growth and environmental sustainability is one of the core focuses of green entrepreneurship. However, the scarcity of resources, ecological concerns, business growth, and survival are among the issues that are recognized by entrepreneurs.

In the light of the Natural Resourceā€Based View (NRBV) and Dynamic Capability View, this study aims to examine the effects of Green Innovation Performance (GIP) on Green Entrepreneurship Orientation (GEO) and Sustainability Environmental Performance (SEP). As advocated by NRBV, this study emphasizes the importance of pursuing the three types of distinct yet interrelated environmental strategies and its association impact on GEO.

The results indicated that internal green dynamic capabilities, namely, green absorptive capacity, environmental cooperation, and managerial environmental concern to have significant positive effects on GIP, where GIP positively impacted GEO and SEP. Besides, GIP partially mediated the relationship between internal green dynamic capabilities on GEO and SEP. The results also demonstrated that environmental regulations significantly moderated the relationship between GEO and SEP. Furthermore, by linking these three concepts in a single model, this study theoretically pioneering and responding to bridge significant gaps emerged in the NRBV theory. This study provides crucial practical implications for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and academicians. Limitations were also discussed.

To read the full paper pls see the attachment for the Article on Environmental Outcomes of Green Entrepreneurship Harmonization
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