Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Marketing Strategy through The Narrowing Methodology

Author Topic: Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Marketing Strategy through The Narrowing Methodology  (Read 78 times)

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Young Entrepreneur Yasha Golin Revolutionizes Marketing Strategy through The Narrowing Methodology

Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yasha Golin, truly come to be known globally as a very young entrepreneur for he is still in his teens, has invented a new business model coined as The Narrowing Methodology.

As far as the domain of international business is concerned, The Narrowing Methodology can emerge as the new mantra due to its strategic values in transforming the operational aspects of the e-commerce platforms that are mushrooming.

A young entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist, and globe trotter, Yasha Golin has practically redefined the operational mode of business that can organically boost the sales volume of an e-Commerce company.

Yasha Golin is currently coaching the future young entrepreneurs on ways to implement The Narrowing Methodology to help them attain business success.

The Narrowing Methodology, as an operational business module, basically involves starting with a broad idea for business strategy and then narrowing it down to a specific goal. It removes the unnecessary frills to zero down on customers.

Yasha Golin's business venture involved drop shipping to make money. He applied his narrowing methodology theory to the 3 pillars of drop shipping. This proved to be very successful for him. These pillars are as follows:

Product Research: You research various products that will likely be profitable to sell. Then you establish specific criteria for the products that you want to sell and then narrow down the list of products to meet the criteria.

Website Development: You develop an e-Commerce website where you sell lots of different products in multiple niches. Then, as you learn which niches are the most successful, you narrow down your products until they fall under one specific niche only.

Marketing: This is the biggest pillar of drop shipping. Like most businesses, you begin by reaching out to a broad audience. As you start to learn about your target consumer base, you narrow down your audience so that you're only marketing to people who will likely purchase the products that you're selling. Never assume anything when it comes to your audience.

Yasha Golin developed a blueprint of this strategy which he teaches to his entrepreneurial students. It is easy to replicable this strategy if you simply follow the steps he has outlined in his blueprint. The more students who learn about this strategy, the more it will change the nature of dropshipping forever.

So far, Yasha Golin has been teaching students for 2 years and his students have generated more than $1 million combined in total sales. His typical student is someone just like he was; a young person who dreams of making lots of money early on in their life.

The Conclusion

The idea of hustling to make money always appealed to Yasha Golin. He's done everything from developing a clothing brand of his own to establishing a modeling agency out of his house. However, dropshipping was where he made his biggest amount of money. The idea of selling products without needing to store inventory seemed surreal to him. In dropshipping, there is no upfront investment to purchase products.

Yasha Golin simply conducted product research, website development, and marketing. Whenever a product sold on his website, he'd purchase it from a supplier. Then, they would ship the product to their customer. The difference between what he paid the supplier and what he received from the customer was his profit. As an entrepreneur, he succeeded in his venture by applying this revolutionary new business module.

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