Why a degree in innovation and entrepreneurship can jumpstart your career

Author Topic: Why a degree in innovation and entrepreneurship can jumpstart your career  (Read 457 times)

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Why chose a degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship?
You only have to look at the start-up landscape to see that entrepreneurs come from all walks of life – but there are some key personality traits that set entrepreneurs and innovators apart, such as creativity, open-mindedness, self-discipline and confidence.

A degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UOWD helps you to build on those traits, while developing business skills such as commercial acumen, adaptability, leadership, and an ability to innovate and identify gaps in the market.

During your time at UOWD, you will learn how to develop, plan and implement ideas and projects, while acquiring an in-depth business understanding that is relevant in many contexts and sectors. You’ll learn how to not only establish and run your own business, but to also jumpstart your career.

Career opportunities for graduates
It’s not just business owners and start-up prodigies who require entrepreneurial skills. These days, employers in all fields seek graduates who bring that go-get-’em approach to business. And with rapid developments in all industries, being able to think outside the box has never been more sought after.

After completing a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you could find yourself in a range of roles, such as management consulting, ICT, marketing and advertising, media, sales or research and development.

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