Transgender Persons Get Training On Agriculture Entrepreneurship In Tiruchirapal

Author Topic: Transgender Persons Get Training On Agriculture Entrepreneurship In Tiruchirapal  (Read 3869 times)

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Tamil Nadu: Transgender Persons Get Training On Agriculture Entrepreneurship In Tiruchirapalli

Eight members from the trans community were educated about the opportunities available to them on agri-entrepreneurship by tapping the potential of banana which is a widely grown fruit in the region. The training session was part of NRCB's (National Research Centre for Banana) mission on 'reaching the unreached'.

In an effort to make the transgender community in Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirapalli self-reliant and help them earn a dignified living, the National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) functioning under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) organised a two-day training programme.

According to The Hindu, as many as eight members from the community were educated about the opportunities available to them on agri-entrepreneurship by tapping the potential of banana which is a widely grown fruit in the region. The programme comprising of the training session was part of NRCB's mission on 'reaching the unreached'.

The publication further reported that the programme was funded by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). It is the apex body for providing funds on credit for development of agriculture and small scale businesses in the country.

Kajol, president of the Social Action For Emancipation (SAFE) group, reportedly also attended the session along with the eight members from the community. Her organization has been committed towards working for the upliftment of the transgender community.

The training session was kick-started by Anand Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General, Horticultural Science, ICAR, through video conferencing. He explained the scope of opportunities available to the participants as entrepreneurs, stressing on the importance of branding and country-wide marketing of the possibilities as well ensuring support for the such initiatives.

Advertisement B. K. Pandey, Assistant Director General, ICAR, informed about the government schemes available including for establishing cold storage and supply chain management which could help in reducing the financial burden drastically. S. Uma who is the director of the NRCB said that was a first-of-its-kind initiative rolled out by the Centre for the economic empowerment of transgenders through banana cultivation and utilisation. She further added that the training would provide them ideas on exploring business options on various banana based products. She said that organization would host more training programmes for the community and also offer incubation facilities for the interested trainees. Reports stated that the scientists at NRCB provided hands-on training to the participants on preparation of banana flower pickle, central stem juice, low-fat banana chips, raising nursery for ornamental banana and multiplying traditional banana varieties by macro propagation. The session briefed them on the 'how-to' raise funds for sustainable business projects to secure funds from potential investors and on the procedure to operate the business. Kajol has a higher secondary qualification and holds a diploma as a beautician suggested that the initiative be scaled up for the benefit of transgender community across the country.

Transforming The Lives

The transgender community has been subjected to prejudices and have been resorting to practises such as begging on the streets, train stations, dancing on festivities to earn a livelihood. However, increasingly the society has been seeing individuals from the community refusing to conform to the standards and taking the decisions of turning their lives around. Individuals from the transgender community have been taking over the non-conventional career paths not just to break the stereotype but also to empower the community. Education and suitable job opportunities have been the major contributing factors helping the transgender community shatter the stereotype and live honorably.

Transwoman Turns Entrepreneur

27-year-old employee-turned-entrepreneur transwoman from Bihar made the headlines when established her own cafe. Urooz Hussain set up her cafe named 'Street Temptation' in Uttar Pradesh's Noida at Sector 119. Describing the idea behind the cafe, she said that it was to inspire members from her community to work towards earning a life of dignity. Urooz shared that she had experienced workplace harassment which led her to establish her own business to promote a culture of equality. Speaking to ANI, the entrepreneur said, "I was subjected to harassment at my workplaces so I decided to start my own cafe that treats everyone equally.

I hope this will inspire others from my community." "I was born as a 'normal' child, as a boy, but later realised that even though I have a male body, my feelings are a like a girl which resulted in questioning about my identity in my teens. I faced a lot of difficulty in overcoming this situation. My male relatives used to bully me a lot. My father is strict, he had created a boundary within which I needed to behave as a boy. This was not okay with me. I used to play with dolls when I was young, used to interact more with girls than I did boys. So, I left my hometown in 2013 and shifted to Delhi and started my transition as a transwoman," Hussain said in a video interview with The Quint.

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Published on -30 Jan 2021
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