Be Positive and Be Proactive | A Letter to Students

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Be Positive and Be Proactive | A Letter to Students
« on: February 09, 2021, 11:30:48 AM »
Be Positive and Be Proactive | A Letter to Students

Beloved students,

COVID-19 has turned the time challenging for all. We all are in a different situation. We request you just not to be panicked, distressed, anxious or depressed. Talk to people and your parents as well as mentors to remain positive. Handle the situation like a leader. Here are some guidelines you can follow to remain busy with positive things now that will keep you ahead afterwards among all as well as make sure the best use of your valuable time.

1. Develop video resume

Use your time to develop your video resume. A good video resume is a great way of representing you and enhancing your employability skills. You can make different versions (in length and content) of the resume to use for different purposes.

2. Sketch your career mapping

Do career mapping thoughtfully so that you can clearly distinguish yourself and and keep you ahead of the line. Please know well, after Corona the job market will be very tough i.e very challenging, where your skills and competence must be checked well before employment.

3. Try to know a few company’s procedures to get a job etc.

It is a good time to research companies you are passionate to work with. Go through their websites, stakeholders, reviews, annual reports.  Find out challenges they faced so that you can contribute there.

4. Browse internet

Pls visit the internet and see the whole world now and move to Online platform. Everyone will realize that after Corona the entire education system will be transformed into another format where there is no way to move with many existing skill, without transformation or improvement

5. Explore your passion and inner skills

It is a high time to rethink about yourself. Look back and pick where you have passion. Use your lockdown time to explore your inner skill in a positive way.

6. Make good use of social media

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