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This Facebook group just created the biggest digital flea market



This Facebook group just created the biggest digital flea market

Razib Ahmed Choudhury, a stamp-collector based in Noakhali, recently posted in Recycle Bin – a Facebook group that buys and sells second-hand products – he wants to sell more than 2,000 postage-stamps that he collected over the years.

"They were my precious. I had them for years. Then life became tough. I had no time to take care of them. At one stage, I lost my unconditional love for them. I gave one book of stamps to my niece. After a couple of months, I found that she had forgotten about the stamps and lost the book. So, I decided to give my stamps to someone who would love them and value them as I did. When I joined Recycle Bin, it gave me an idea to sell them at a low price so that a real collector could have them and cherish them. I could have just donated them, but I chose to sell because when you pay for something, you value it," Choudhury told The Business Standard.

He couldn't sell the stamps after his first post on Recycle Bin, but he received an overwhelming response and sold his stamps the second time he posted.



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