Unsolicited Suggestions For **SENIORS above the age of 60....

Author Topic: Unsolicited Suggestions For **SENIORS above the age of 60....  (Read 819 times)

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Unsolicited Suggestions For **S E N I O R S above the age of 60....

Unsolicited Suggestions             For
**S E N I O R S above the age of 60....
▪When you get old, never teach anyone anything, unless requested, even if you are sure you are right.

▪Do not try to help unless asked for. Just be ready & available for it if possible.

▪️Do not give unsolicited opinion all the time.

▪️Do not expect everyone to follow your opinion, even though you feel your opinion was the best...

▪Don't impose yourself on anyone on any subject.

▪Don't try to protect your loved ones from all the misfortunes of the World. Just love them & pray for them.

▪Don't complain about your health, your neighbours, your retirement, your woes all the time.

▪Don't expect gratitude from children.

▪There are no ungrateful children, there are only stupid parents, who expect gratitude from their children.

▪Don't waste your last money on anti - age treatments. It's useless.

▪Better spend it on a trip. It's always worth it.

▪Take care of your spouse, even if he/she becomes a wrinkled, helpless and moody old person. Don't forget he/she was once young, good looking and cheerful, may be he/she is the only one who really needs you right now.

▪Understand new technologies, obsessively follow the News, constantly study something new, a new skill, a new dish, a new indoor game, do not fall behind in time.

▪Don't blame yourself for whatever happened to your life or to your children's lives, you did everything you could.

▪Preserve your dignity & integrity in any situation, till the end.

▪Do your best, my senior Peers. This is very important. Remember, if you're still alive, someone needs you. Do your best & leave the rest to The Almighty.

▪I guess some friends are already following these tips.

All the Best.


Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Assistant Director, Daffodil International University