The Job Seeker’s Success Formula

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The Job Seeker’s Success Formula
« on: August 04, 2021, 12:58:07 PM »
The Job Seeker’s Success Formula

Success is a process
Athletes will likely agree with me that developing skill, building technique, taking care of their body and mind requires daily care. Proper routine becomes a critical factor in their success. Professional musicians are no different and each one can relate unique stories about the development of their technique as well as their musicianship. They develop individual regimens that become a trusted part of every day.

Just like athletes and musicians, job-seekers develop routines and processes. Some good, others…not so much. The list of activities include attending job seeker support groups, networking appointments, presentations at libraries, daily activity on LinkedIn, finding and applying for posted positions, reading and learning more about their professions, and possible classes and certifications. Did I mention cover letters and résumés? Thank you notes and interview preparation?

Did you make this common mistake?
Often, after being laid off, job seekers may panic and rush to put together a résumé and apply for any number of opportunities. However, today’s job market is constantly changing. An industry has evolved to support the hiring process. To be successful in today’s market, a job seeker must become an expert in the advancements in his or her industry to be credible. Next, he or she must understand the new hiring processes.

Why job seekers quit
The quality of the activity determines the quality of the result. So if the action was of high quality, then the result brings high value.
When the results are deemed poor by the job seeker, then that person is more likely to give up. They quit.
When an activity doesn’t bring in any results or when the results only have a negative impact, then it’s reasonable to stop that process.

Job seekers spend a lot of energy on the job search. They give it their very best and when they get calls for jobs that are a poor fit and don’t bring even a consideration of a living wage, they give up. That’s reasonable.

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Further, when a job seeker gets nothing back from all their effort—nothing; why should they continue that process. That’s reasonable.

Lastly, when job seekers are treated poorly by the hiring community (this is my biggest “beef”!!!!), when they receive contracts that evaporate, interviews for positions that disappear or didn’t exist to start with, promised calls that never happen— It’s no wonder they give up. That’s reasonable.

Finding a job is a marathon rather than a sprint.
Don’t quit. Do this instead.

Job seekers might consider a different approach:
A. If the result was undesirable, then change the process that created it.
B. Realize that every response has valuable information IF the job seeker asks the right questions.

Job seeker's Success Formula:

You will get a job if:
A. You keep trying and…
B. You keep learning.

The Job seeker's Objection:
Some people tell me, “Marcia, right now I just want a job. I’m willing to settle for something less. I’ve been “dumping” down my resume. I don’t care if I’m overqualified, I just need a job.”

I hear this all the time and there are times when I encourage job seekers to get transitional jobs. Like Toni, it can be managed once the industry is moving again. That said, the two “hardest sell” for a job seeker is applying for a job that he or she is overqualified for. In this case, the potential employer will not consider the job seeker because they believe they will leave as soon as a better opportunity becomes available. They are a flight-risk.

Another “hard sell” is applying for a job with a lesser title in a larger company. With so much competition, it’s very difficult to pull this off. It looks like the job seeker is willing to take a step down in his or her career.
Stick to the process and get hired quicker.


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