Space created by God for us!

Author Topic: Space created by God for us!  (Read 952 times)

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Space created by God for us!
« on: May 20, 2019, 01:11:45 PM »
Oh my Allah!
How easy it is to pronounce your name
How easy it is to call you as you have made it easy for us to do so.
Whereas finding you out was a hard task for wretched generations, who could not find you …
I am lucky as I am living now just at this befitting moment Muhammad’s (sm)follower.
Allah does not test me much as I am afraid of tests
When you are the examiner , how can I pass the test of such a big examiner
In front of him I can never not even dare to stand nor to lean..
The fear of mistakes and fear of pain that gushes in the newspaper every day morning may have brought me close to you.
But there are millions of lovers you have, that love you unconditionally
My love is poor asking mercy from testing me.
As I am also afraid of your power.
Can the imbalance of power create love between us… ?
But you have even made that happen so...