Why Passion is Essential to Entrepreneurship and Building a Thriving Business

Author Topic: Why Passion is Essential to Entrepreneurship and Building a Thriving Business  (Read 975 times)

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I took the unconventional route after graduating from university. I have always had an interest in travel but when I graduated in Hospitality and Tourism Management, the industry wasn’t offering any careers that resonated with what I wanted.  I packed a bag and set off to explore the world.

I needed to learn more about myself and what I wanted out of life and career. I fell in love with traveling and spent over a decade going to over 80 countries. 

Not only was traveling transforming myself and my life but I was meeting other travelers and hearing the impact that travel was making on their lives.  I was experiencing all that the travel industry entailed from the rise in travel technology, the surge in digital nomads, the shifts in company culture, to realizing the voids and problems that existed within the industry.  Alongside noticing the existing voids, I also loved helping others achieve their travel dreams.

I decided to turn my passion for travel and all that I learned and wanted from the industry into a business.  I used everything that was authentic to myself and my journey throughout the world to pave a new path within the travel and coaching industries as a travel coach.  I did not follow the path or mimic the business models of others. I didn’t do what others were doing because it didn’t fit what I wanted in a career. I created a career that rang true to the problems that I noticed and the solutions that I and other travelers wanted.

Leading with passion
Building a business that stemmed from my passion has helped me in many ways.  Despite paving a path in a new niche, leading with my passion has enabled me to establish my vision, mission, messaging, content, mindset, and energy which has attracted clients and partners that best relate to me.  Passion allows me to confidently explain what I do and why it is needed and it helps me in the times when I am feeling the most stuck. 

Life as an entrepreneur, especially in the first couple of years, is extremely difficult.  There are high highs and low lows. There are times when you will question why you are taking this route and if it’s ever going to become what you want it to. That’s where passion comes into play.  You can always tune into your passion to help you with your branding, storytelling, copywriting, and everything else that represents you and your business. Passion is what draws the right people to want to learn from or work with you. It is what makes you likeable, relatable, and interesting.

Growing a business that's true to you
There are a myriad of ways to start a business both on and offline in this day and age. From drop-shipping, using social media platforms to generate income and grow a brand, having an online coaching business, selling online courses or physical products, joining a multi-level marketing company, or creating apps or software platforms, the options are limitless. 

The problem for many people who choose to start a business because it seems like an easy and more convenient way to make money; or because everyone else is doing it; or because the income potential can be lucrative; is that without innate passion their business lacks longevity, clarity, and perseverance.

Without passion for why you do what you do, it’s easier to give up when times get difficult, which will happen.  Without passion, you’re more likely to struggle when it comes to clarifying your messaging, vision, and brand. Without passion, it’s difficult to attract your ideal consumers and network with the right people.  Passion is key when building and growing a business that is true to you.

10 reasons why passion is key to thriving as an entrepreneur
Here are 10 reasons why passion is key to thriving as an entrepreneur:

  • Passion inspires the vision for your business even if it’s in a niche that no one has done before.
    Passion attracts the right consumers to your business.
    Passion helps you build an authentic brand and brand story.
    Passion helps bring you clarity in times when you feel stuck or uncertain.
    Passion helps you set a solid foundation for your business and establish core values.
    Passion gives you the motivation and confidence that you need to deliver your mission and purpose for what you do and why you do it.
    Passion helps you network with the right people who share similar perspectives.
    Passion helps you own your space and become an expert in what you do.
    Passion helps you create authentic content that resonates with the right audience.
    Passion sets you apart from competitors.
Don’t overlook building a business that stems from your passion. Do the inner work that is necessary and figure out your real purpose for your entrepreneur journey and the business that you want to be successful.  Hone into your experiences, your struggles, your moments of realization, the voids and problems that inspired the solution that you provide, who you want to help most, and where your passion comes from. 

Remember, a successful entrepreneur is a passionate entrepreneur.