8 Steps That Will Get You Hired

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8 Steps That Will Get You Hired
« on: August 04, 2021, 01:19:11 PM »
8 Steps That Will Get You Hired

There is a lot of material on the web about how a job seeker can fill his or her day with activities and make a full-time job out of looking for employment. That’s all fine—unless it isn’t working and the job seeker isn’t any closer to getting a viable job that fits after putting in all that work.

Basic steps:

1. Create the finest, customized cover letter and résumé possible. It should be clearly tailored to the industry, company, and specific position.
2. Submit your materials through the online process. (If you are tempted to skip this step then consider reading this blog.)
3. Repeat this process for five to seven positions.
4. Watch carefully what you get back.
5. Analyze carefully. Make changes. Here are some tips.
    a. If you receive nothing—then there is something wrong with your materials and you are not likely to getting through the ATS.
        Solution: Change your cover letter and/or résumé. Something needs to come out or something needs to go in.
    b. If you get an immediate “standard” response (i.e. “Thank you for your application ….”). You probably got through the ATS.
    c. If you get something a day to a week later from “The Talent Acquisition Team” —better. A real person probably looked at your
    d. If you receive an email from a person: connect with them on LinkedIn and follow-up.
    e. If you get a screening call, or phone interview: listen carefully to their concerns as they vet you out. Check your cover letter and
        résumé to be sure you’ve responded to those concerns in future applications.
6. Change your cover letter and résumé based on what you learn.
7. Repeat: File five to seven more job applications.
8. Learn, Track Changes and Repeat.

Monitor how far your cover letter and résumé gets in the process. Keep making changes and carefully monitor what you’ve changed.The purpose of your cover letter and résumé is to get a phone call. Once you have succeeded, listen very carefully to any concerns they may have and make appropriate changes.

This is one way to mange the job seeker's learning process.

Source: recruiter.com

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