How do we get news?

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How do we get news?
« on: August 05, 2021, 10:25:23 PM »

A lot of news will come to you as a journalist without any real effort on your part. Government handouts, Ministers' speeches and announcements of new developments come into the newsroom after being processed by press officers or public relations officers.
Passing on such information, as long as it is genuinely interesting and informative, is an important function of the media, to provide society with the hard facts of what is happening in the country.
It is part of your job as a journalist to sort out what is interesting and informative from the millions of boring words which may be sent to you.
There is also news which journalists find for themselves and reveal to the public. This need not be a subject which somebody wants to be kept secret. Many people have a story to tell but do not know how to write a media release. It is part of your job as a journalist to find these people and report their stories.
There are also some stories which people want to keep secret but which the public ought to know about. When you hear about such a situation, it is your duty to investigate fairly but fearlessly.
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