New Traffic Rules & Fine List 2021

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New Traffic Rules & Fine List 2021
« on: March 25, 2021, 12:01:46 PM »
New Traffic Rules & Fine List 2021


The government of Bangladesh has recently implemented New Traffic Rules. Traffic is one of the issues that everyone is facing on a daily basis. Traveler’s and foot traveler’s safety in the roads is currently a burning issue in Bangladesh. Traffic crowding differs during the day, requiring planning and longer trips; this impacts productivity, cutting across the social and economic status.

Although walking is a major travel mode of the low-income majority, pedestrian needs are ignored in transport planning. New Traffic Rules are implemented to reduce accident rates on the streets. Almost 80 percent of traffic sufferers in Dhaka are pedestrians struck by a fuel-based vehicle. Let’s see what the new rules of Bangladesh traffic 2021 are.

New Traffic Rules 2021 in Bangladesh:

The Government imposed the new rules on the roads and highways were seen as being lenient on travelers, and pedestrians. Police were present at the busy intersections, and roundabouts – but not all of them. BRTA who is the head of the transport sector enlisted instruction to support the new law’s implementation. Mostly unskilled drivers are not following rules, creating chaos and facing fatal accidents.

Without any proper and full proof guidelines, the traffic of Bangladesh can’t be controlled. The authorities also lack the technical support required to track random dope tests on drivers. To maintain the traffic rules, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) drafted a fine chart for all types of vehicles. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has set up a fine chart to support the execution of the new law.

According to the old rule, the highest penalty for traffic law violation was two years’ imprisonment, while the minimum jail term was one month. The maximum fine is Taka 5,000, and the minimum Tk100. On the other hand, under the Road Transport Act, 2018, the maximum fine is as much as Tk5 lakh, and the minimum fine is Taka 5,000. Following the new fine chart, the number of collected fines will increase significantly, if the number of traffic rule violations remains the same.

Fine List for Breaking Traffic law:
Many people still don’t know about the new amount of fine or the punishment they need to pay according to the New Traffic Rules 2019. For your convenience a full chart is given below:

Fine List for Breaking Traffic law

From when the new rules will be applicable From 1.11.2019 this new traffic rule 2019 will effective. Aside from a few exceptional cases, most people are expressing a positive feeding towards the new law.

Bangladesh New Traffic Rules 2021 (BRTA Act 2018 update)

As the long-awaited Road Transport Act, 2018 went into effect across Bangladesh on Friday, Dhaka saw a lax first day of the law’s enforcement. Members of the Traffic Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), who enforce the new law on the streets, were seen being lenient on commuters, and pedestrians. Sergeants were present at the busy intersections, and roundabouts – but not all of them.

Hopefully, these New Traffic Rules of Bangladesh will serve their purpose and cut down the number of traffic accidents by a huge margin, and improve the overall traffic conditions of Bangladesh.

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
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