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by Becky

If you’ve been at your job for a while, you might be getting comfortable around your co-workers, which could lead to unprofessional habits. Unprofessional behavior in the workplace can vary from getting too drunk at a party to going on social media all day – instead of working. If you’re an ambitious girl boss who wants to make sure you are excelling, regardless of the amount of time you’ve been at your job, make sure you aren’t doing these 10 unprofessional habits at your job right now.

I mean…we’ve all been there. A co-worker pings you after an uncomfortable meeting starting the ever-so-comfortable gossip conversation that makes you feel included and happy all at the same time. All of a sudden, you are initiating the negative-speak in a not-so-private way.

Or maybe it’s the holiday Christmas party you’ve been to 5 times by now. And by your fifth drink your feeling toasted (because you can’t handle your alcohol like you could when you were 23).

Whatever it is, make sure you are not accidentally acting unprofessional at work. Stop doing these 10 unprofessional habits to stop doing at your job right now:

Complaining is one of the most unprofessional habits to do around the workplace. Complaining is unprofessional for a multitude of reasons. If you are complaining about your personal life, it could come off like you don’t have your life together, and cause your coworkers to see you differently.

If you are complaining about something at work, you could easily ruffle feathers. What if you are complaining about someone’s project that they worked on? Complaints in the workplace are so easy to avoid, keep your voice positive and you will be viewed in a more professional light.

Going on Social Media
Going on social media is an easy way to look unprofessional at your job. Especially if your co-workers can see your computer screen, it can make you come off lazy – or like you aren’t working hard.

Going on social media during work can also make you seem unfocused! It’s so important to keep your perception positive at work, and spending your day on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok is not going to help your case.

Being late to meetings
Being late to meetings comes off so unprofessional! It makes you look like you might be behind, or not have your work together. Try this instead: make your meetings on your calendar 25 minutes, instead of 30 – so you have 5 minutes of transition time in between meetings.

At work, perception is so important! If you can keep the view on yourself that you have your life together, you’ll be in good shape. Don’t be late to meetings at work!

Interrupting your coworkers
If you frequently interrupt your co-workers, you might be coming off unprofessional at your job. It also comes off like you aren’t a team player – so absolutely something you want to avoid. Try things, after your co-worker finishes talking, give it a beat to make sure they are done, THEN start talking.

If you are gossiping with your co-workers about work, you might end up not looking professional at your job. In general, gossiping is not a good move – who likes a gossip? But at work, you could be spreading false information. And people catch on – if you are likely to gossip to them, what makes you less likely to gossip around them?

Me? I stay away from people who gossip at work. It’s never a good look and always makes me feel like they don’t have their stuff together.

Eating smelly food
Bringing broccoli or Brussel sprouts your desk? Clogging up the office microwave? Be careful of eating smelly food at your desk at work, it could draw unnecessary attention and make you look unprofessional.

The smelly food aspect of work is more about drawing unnecessary attention to yourself at the workplace, and having others associate you in a potentially negative light. That is something you want to avoid!

Being late

Being late to work could make you come off unprofessional. Anything that could have others perceive you as lazy and not on top of your work is something you absolutely want to avoid.

It’s so easy to be on time for work. If you are unsure of the time you need to be at work, look at when most of your other co-workers come in. You don’t want to be the last one. When everyone is hard at work and you stroll in late, that comes off unprofessional. Being late is never a good look!

Oversharing about your personal life at work? This could come off unprofessional. I get that sometimes we become friends with people at work. If that’s the case, that’s fine. But, if you are droning on in a meeting about something personal (and NSFW), it could come off unprofessional.

Especially as women, we have to work harder for others to see us in the same professional light. That’s why following these rules are so important.

Drinking too much at office events
Office events are supposed to be fun, but getting out of control and drinking too much could damage your reputation. Drinking too much at office events could make you come off unprofessional, or worse, lose you your job.

If your anything like me you like to have a little fun when you drink. That means drinking too much at an event could ruin your reputation. Don’t drink too much at work – you risk coming off unprofessional (and probably will). Know your limits and you should be good to go.

Wearing casual clothes
Sporting leggings and sweatshirts to your 9-5 job? Coming to work like you are going to a work out class could come off more unprofessional than you think. I know so many office cultures allow casual work-wear, but there’s a way to do it that still looks professional. There’s something about being in a meeting with someone who actively looks like a boss, and someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed. Wearing casual clothes at work (especially work out clothes) can come off unprofessional.

You could always follow this business capsule wardrobe ideas for easy professional looks around the office.

What habits are you going to change about your work life? Comment below.

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