The Grand Mosque of Makah tops the list of the most expensive buildings on Earth

Author Topic: The Grand Mosque of Makah tops the list of the most expensive buildings on Earth  (Read 463 times)

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The Grand Mosque of Makah tops the list of the most expensive buildings on Earth built at a cost of $ 100 Billion.

 Size: One million (1,000,000) square meters Capacity:

 🕋Can accommodate two (2) million people
 🕋Receives twenty (20) million visitors annually
 🕋Open twenty -four (24) hours.It has never been completely closed in over 1400 years
 🕋Has 1800 cleanersHas 40 electric sanitary cleaning cars
 🕋Has 60 electric sanitary machines to clean open courtyards
 🕋Has 2000 Sanitary barrels spread throughout the premises
 🕋Floor covered with 40000 carpets (longer than the distance between Jeddah and Makkah (79km))

 🕋13000 toilets, cleaned four (4) times/6 hours daily
 🕋25000 water dispensers (one of the largest water dispensing systems in the world)
 🕋100 random samples of drinking water are inspected daily
 🕋Excess water from Zamzam Well is stored in storage tanks with a capacity of 1,700,000 (1.7 million), water bottles (capacity 10 liters)
 🕋HARAMAIN recitation service: broadcast recitation of the Quran;  24/7;  recitation using all ten (10) recognized methods of recitation of the Qur'an;  more than 500,000 (half a million) episodes in 180 countries have been aired in three (3) years.
 🕋More than 2,000 safety deposit boxes (to keep personal belongings safe)
 🕋Hundreds of air conditioning units (for cooling) are scattered inside the Mosque.
 🕋The floor of the Mosque reflects light and heat thus improving the regulation of heat in the premises.
 🕋Electronic Tour guide application that can show the location of any part of the Mosque.
 🕋Detailed and highly efficient audio system:
 🕋The sound system in the Grand Mosque is one of the largest and most complex sound systems in the world,
      Audio system error margin: 0%
      6000 speakers
      Four (4) different audio systems
      Fifty (50) sound engineering personnel
 🕋Copies of the Quran are translated into 65 different languages
 🕋Translation of each Friday sermon into five (5) different languages

 🕋Services/facilities for the disabled

 🕋10,000 regular wheelchairs available for use, free of charge, 400 electronically guided wheelchairs available, Automatic wheelchairs (2 wheels and 3 wheels)

 🕋RAMADAN special services

 🕋4 million free meals for breaking fast every day, throughout Ramadan
 🕋5,000,000 dates (seed discarded) are distributed in the mosque area every day during Ramadan
 🕋After breaking fast, remove food and equipment to clean the place of Maghrib prayer (Shalah) is done in two (2) minutes only

Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun (Badshah)
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International University