6 Ways To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs

Author Topic: 6 Ways To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs  (Read 2337 times)

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6 Ways To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs
« on: December 04, 2013, 11:39:39 AM »
6 Ways To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs

Even you don't puffed on chemical laden,industrial pollution,vehicle exhaust and heavy nano metal particles will damage our lungs.By proper nourishment and nurturing you can revitalize your lungs....

There are so many traditional medicines to revitalize your lungs.

Top 6 Ways To Cleanse And Revitalize  Your Lungs:

Deep Breathing: Deep breathing is very efficient way to clean your lungs.It will helps to clear the stuck air deep inside by replacing with fresh oxygen.Take a deep breath slowly and hold it as long as you can then exhale it longer than you think..Do this for 5 minutes definitely you will notice the difference.

Eliminating house hold toxins: Every day we are using so many house hold toxins such as deodorants,air fresheners,cosmetics etc..

Hot bath: Hot bath for 15-20 minutes will help to remove the toxins from our body that will helps to cleanse and revitalize our lungs.

Cranberry juice: Drinking cranberry juice is one of the best way to cleanse and revitalize your lungs.Drink 400 ml of cranberry juice before going to bed that can kill the bacteria in the lungs which can cause infections.

Exercises in water: Exercising in the water will helps to strengthen your lungs.If you exercise when you are in water can reduce the air capacity upto 75%.

Lemon: Drink lemon juice before breakfast that will helps to regenerate your lungs and also digest alkalizing foods.
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