Why we learn SEO ?

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Why we learn SEO ?
« on: February 07, 2012, 08:45:11 PM »
We cannot move a single day without internet, every day we visit many kind of web site it’s can be blog, forum, songs, movies. Someone have local business, shopping mall through the online. They always try to increase their daily product sell. Everyday we search many products in different search engine through the internet & search engine show many result related with our search keyword. Every page shows 10 results & naturally we always visit the first 10 result. So it’s important to keep your web site in this first 10 result & it’s possible when you follow the SEO formula.
Now, what are the benefits of SEO?
It will increase your web site traffic & you will get many visitor in everyday for sell your product. You can earn more form Google Adsense by SEO campaign. SEO helps you to expand your network in your local area & also all over the world. An SEO expert can get a job in online & local area.
Can I follow the SEO formula for my web site?
If you have a web site & you want to make it SEO friendly, you can do it but at first you have to know all about of SEO. You can get a proper result from SEO by group working because it’s divided the processes of SEO. I will back again with all about On-Page Optimization of SEO.
From My Blog :- http://anexplore.com/article/why-we-learn-seo/169  :)