Qualities of a good leader

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Qualities of a good leader
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The World has seen many leaders. Every country has produced leaders who were instrumental in about bringing social changes, winning independence for the country and establishing good governance. There are some who are born leaders like Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. But there are many who acquire skills and abilities to become a leader and for some it is circumstances that prompted them to take the leadership. But how did they emerge as leaders? There are certain qualities that go into making a leader. They can either be developed or is part of their personality. Be it a school leader or leader of a country or that of a terrorist group these qualities are indispensable.

A good leader must be trustworthy, confident, enthusiastic, tolerant, and amicable. It is very important that thought, word and deed coincide to earn respect. Leaders need to be a source of inspiration to learn from and a source of motivation to discover. Although he is a leader, he should take the team ‘with him’ rather than walking in front or pushing from behind. Apart from setting goals, he should be a part of the team in realizing it. No matter however a situation turns grave, a good leader always remains calm and composed resolute towards achieving the goal with a cool head.

A good leader always strives for excellence. He must never run out of ‘words of encouragement and appreciation’. He must treat every individual in the team on par and conduct in a manner befitting his personality.

Thank you all.
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