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Dear all
We all love our beloved Daffodil International University. We are the members of one family. I, therefore, believe that we all should work cooperatively to achieve shared goals.We all should willingly co-operate one another.  We should not be afraid to seek advice from others. We should put in extra effort when needed to help others. We should recognize that the ways of getting things done in different departments, and organizations are not the same. We should speak positively of others.
In order to communicate effectively and gain favorable attention from others, we all should know how to talk over phone. My suggestions are:

1. When calling, we should introduce ourselves, first of all, to avoid ambiguity and enigma.

2. And then ask for the person we want

3. We should Listen when the other person is talking

4. We should cultivate a pleasant voice.

5. We should be courteous

6. After we have received a call, we should offer help even if it's NOT our call.  

Finally we all should know what to say and what not to say and plan our conversation.

There is a Hadith "Don't consider any good deed small or insignificant even if it were that you meet your brother with smiling face".

People will judge us based on the words we use, on the language we deliver and on the conduct we behave with others.

Etiquette and Manners for Better Career

Dear Ambassador of DIU:

As being a member of Daffodil family, you are the ambassador of this university....!!! Your individual role is very important to the university. You are the representative who is to expose DIU to the outer world. It is you whose each & every kind of attitude and aptitude, including- smartness, attitude, behavior, ethics, morality, common sense, consciousness, presentation skill, reaction, manner, honesty, education, skill, vision & farsightedness reflect DIU to others. DIU is your second home, where your parents have sent you to acquire versatile knowledge as much as you can, so that you can equip yourself well and represent your family, university and the nation as well.

Success not just comes from the knowledge and skills but also behavior which can create distance between success and failure. Thinking on Etiquette and Manner is the practice of rational decision making toward positive action. The Etiquette and Manner is important for every one living in society and people need to be developed at individual and community level.

Your family is paying a lot of money for making you fit for the world. You are passing the most valuable time of youthful vigor of your life during the education life in DIU. So, you have to forward your every footstep very cautiously. Here I would be glad to have the belief that you strictly follow each and every rule of DIU placed below for you:

(1) Always wear ID card all the time while on the campuses of the university

(2) Pay due respect to your teachers & other officials
(3) Maintain protocol while dealing with any official matter

(4) Always behave properly with any security guard & other staffs, who are on their official 

(5) Stay away from Eve teasing which is banned in DIU
(6) Drug and smoking are strictly prohibited on campus

(7) Never be involved in any unrest and subversive activities, which is harmful to your career
(8) Must maintain queue while getting into the lift
(9) Let your teachers, officials and VIP persons to get in lift on priority basis
(10) Be polite in approach and attitude with your friends and other officials
(11) Don't be hurry & chaotic and be gentle in ascending to/descending from the lift, stair
(12) Never waste/damage any resources (electricity, AC, fan, water, PC, lift button, etc) of the

(13) Keep away from adopting any unfair means in the exam
(14) Never write anything on any wall
(15) Keep the campus environment neat & clean

(16) Show the best respect to others so that others respect you too.

(17) To be a good friend you must show your friendship to others.

(18) Control your Anger because it will destroy all of your achievement.
(19) Concentrate on your studies, stay in touch with library, get continuous idea how to be

        successful in life and easily get either a job or be an entrepreneur.

(20) Set your mind to be the leader in Entrepreneurship or Job Market.

(21) Focus what you learned and adopt it for a better career. 

(22) Without right use of IT i.e Technology it is impossible now a days to position any one in his future career. So, focus on DIU Forum, Blog, Learning feedback system and prove you are the best.

DIU is continuously trying to develop all of its resources and trying hard to be the best. With your success DIU will be successful.

DIU is not less affectionate to you than your parents are! Please keep it in mind that your output will represent that what you have learned from your institutions (school, college, university) and also from your family background.

We wish your better career in the time to come


very important post. Thanks for this nice posting.

Nice post .

Nice post sir.
Thanks for sharing such information with us.....  :)


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