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Positive Bangladesh
« on: November 17, 2009, 06:39:52 PM »
We are delighted to inform you that DIU is implementing a new social awareness project named “Positive Bangladesh” with the mission of bringing out all the positive facts about Bangladesh, to create social awareness regarding various important issues, to lift-up our image in every possible aspect and with the vision of representing a better Bangladesh to the world. Hope following and many more can be emphasized through this timely campaign:
•   Introducing our national hero’s among young people to encourage proactive role to build the country. Say for example Sir Jagadish Chandra Bashu, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Professor Dr. Younus and so on.
•   Highlighting industries that dominating in the world-market like Garments, Textile, Software, Ceramics, Leather, Fish, and Jute etc.
•   Success in UN peace keeping forces by Bangladeshi participants.
•   Availabilities of social capital and true volunteerism in Bangladesh for building a tolerant community historically.
•   NRB contributions.
•   Producing biography of businessmen who made remarkable achievement for employment and creating a new Bangladesh.
•   Case studies on booming sector like Real estate, pharmaceutical industries etc.
•   Profiling of educationalist and scientist are carrying out highest reputations worldwide.
•   UK and Europe based food business where people are building their confidence.
•   Creating social awareness on drug, child-marriage, dowry, HIV/AIDS etc.
•   Knowledge sharing about Global warming and climate changes impact in Bangladesh for effective preparedness.
•   â€œBangla”, International mother language day and amplifying the glorious history of it.
•   Literacy of our history including 1971 for young people to build clear perception about the country, culture and people.
•   Global coverage for world longest sea-beach (Cox’s bazzar) and biggest mangrove forest (Sundarban) which is already been identified as a part of global heritage.
•   Highlighting success in sports including cricket.
•   Many more*
*Hope all of you will be supportive by contributing ideas, thoughts and suggestions for completing the project from every perspective. You can add or omit suggested ideas to make the event participatory and positive from all perspectives. We are POSITIVE and confident with all of your active participation and guidance to make the event a grand success.

Let’s identify our country as a POSITIVE Bangladesh, a PROSPECTIVE Bangladesh!

We need all of your support even if you know some one or some organization who can enlighten us in this area of thinking. Please help us with your strong references……….

Waiting for your response!

Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju
Convener of the Program
Positive Bangladesh

Syed Mizanur Rahman
Head, General Educational Development &
Director of Students' Affairs, DIU