Re-designing of the features of SELF DEVELOPMENT programs

Author Topic: Re-designing of the features of SELF DEVELOPMENT programs  (Read 2663 times)

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Re-designing of the features of SELF DEVELOPMENT programs
« on: April 17, 2011, 10:24:54 PM »
When I first get admit into DIU then at first I participated in some seminar, workshops provided by HRDI, DIU. But slowly my interest get down. I don't know why. But from my mind and thinking I have figured out some key point to make more useful, effective seminar, workshops.

We are left behind from the practical aspects. We should be more practical and we should think about the student's expectations what they want? How they want? Because if we can't take care of this, then everything works in a students minds as a overload task or event.

As a engineering students I expect some workshops, seminar on our real life, real world basis. There are many many seminars, workshops is running throughout all over the country. Even every day if we follow newspaper, email we are getting so many workshops, seminar invitation but those are mostly real life basis. I think our HRDI institute will design some features that is completely related to a student's practical life. Because when we work with human psychology, human ethics then first we should know that students are matured for this kinds of topics or issue.

In this case some students like to attend in the seminars, workshops (this is just for attending, not for learning). Some students come as an accompanier of his/her friends or classmates. Some students come just for passing time and some students really come for learning.

But when we are talking about the career consciousness, study life awareness, future planning of a student. So I think we should design our extra curricular activities is more practical basis. So that students will be beneficiary.

We also should design some features like 'Learning through Friends' what we are practicing in our practical life.

Thanks everybody for reading my post with patience.
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