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Find Your Way
« on: April 24, 2012, 02:01:21 PM »
Finding your way is knowing what you want from your life. This tends to make you reach your goals easier without wasting your energy in useless action.

1. Know yourself and seek self improvement. You can't improve yourself without knowing it first. To know yourself, you have to see how you act in different situations and what you should do to act better.

2. Know that to be specialized in one thing and know it well is more useful than knowing many things but not being professional in one of them.

3. Accept yourself. You can't be someone else if you tried. That will only waste your energy in useless action.

4. Start now. If you tend to postpone doing the right things, you will find yourself not doing any thing good, this is called self-deceit.

5. Don't make friends until you hope to them as you hope to yourself. This will make you happy and a way from envy.

6. Find what is your interests in life and know what makes you motivated.

7. Know what you are good at and try to improve your skills.

8. Relax and take it easy. Nothing perpetuates worrying than worry itself.

9. Do every thing in its right time as timing is very important in achieving your goals.
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