Use The Bangladesh Flag in Your Profile Picture on 16th December.

Author Topic: Use The Bangladesh Flag in Your Profile Picture on 16th December.  (Read 18744 times)

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First of all we would love to speak about our profile pictures. What they mean? They are what we are. They reflect us. What we put there are the reflections of our hearts. People are narcissus. We love our profile pictures. Therefore, when we put the flag on our profile picture then we mean we have got our country in our heart and it is sometime very important to show what we have got in our heart. We love our country and we are proud of this country. Our country has got a lot of problems but as long as we love it we have the options to change those problems into opportunity. The first step is here. We love our country and we are going to put the flag in our profile picture to show that we are also proud of our country

Secondly, when one person shows love for something that might not be important to others but when millions of people show love for something then it brings in energy. We do not exactly know how many users of Facebook are Bangladeshi but whatever the number, We believe, that is a large one. If all of us use our flag in our profile pictures then what will happen? More than 350 Millions of people are connected in Facebook around the world and I believe through this small step they will know our flag and they will know our country. This will someday brings in the result that no Bangladeshi has to introduce Bangladesh by saying that it is a country beside India. People will start knowing about us. Moreover, this trend will touch the other nationals to do the same. Hence, the world of Facebook will be colorful with the colors of national flags tinged with the love of people.

We believe, we the people of this country can do anything if we do it passionately even if it goes against all logics and our people have proved it during 1971. Putting the flag might be a single step which starts from Facebook, but we must admit, this is JUST A CLICK FOR THE USER BUT A GIANT CLICK FOR THE NATION.

To make the event successful, we can request at least 07 of our friends to do this along with requesting 07 of their own friends. This will exponentially increase the number of participant in this event within next 07 days and the world will find a PATRIOTIC NATION through its PATRIOTIC PEOPLE.

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Re: Use The Bangladesh Flag in Your Profile Picture on 16th December.
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Good Idea.

By this, we can inculcate & demonstrate our  sense of patriotism.......
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