Staffing Function of Management

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Staffing Function of Management
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The managerial function of staffing involves manning the organization structure through proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnels to fill the roles assigned to the employers/workforce.

According to Theo Haimann,
“Staffing pertains to recruitment, selection, development and compensation of subordinates.”
Nature of Staffing Function

    Staffing is an important managerial function-
Staffing function is the most important mangerial act along with planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The operations of these four functions depend upon the manpower which is available through staffing function.

    Staffing is a pervasive activity-
As staffing function is carried out by all mangers and in all types of concerns where business activities are carried out.

    Staffing is a continuous activity-
This is because staffing function continues throughout the life of an organization due to the transfers and promotions that take place.

    The basis of staffing function is efficient management of personnels-
Human resources can be efficiently managed by a system or proper procedure, that is, recruitment, selection, placement, training and development, providing remuneration, etc.

    Staffing helps in placing right men at the right job. It can be done effectively through proper recruitment procedures and then finally selecting the most suitable candidate as per the job requirements.

    Staffing is performed by all managers depending upon the nature of business, size of the company, qualifications and skills of managers,etc. In small companies, the top management generally performs this function. In medium and small scale enterprise, it is performed especially by the personnel department of that concern.

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