Obstacles in Manpower Planning

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Obstacles in Manpower Planning
« on: April 25, 2012, 07:17:26 PM »

Following are the main obstacles that organizations face in the process of manpower planning:

    Under Utilization of Manpower:
The biggest obstacle in case of manpower planning is the fact that the industries in general are not making optimum use of their manpower and once manpower planning begins, it encounters heavy odds in stepping up the utilization.

    Degree of Absenteeism:
Absenteeism is quite high and has been increasing since last few years.

    Lack of Education and Skilled Labour:
The extent of illetracy and the slow pace of development of the skilled categories account for low productivity in employees. Low productivity has implications for manpower planning.

    Manpower Control and Review:

        Any increase in manpower is considered at the top level of management
        On the basis of manpower plans, personnel budgets are prepared. These act as control mechanisms to keep the manpower under certain broadly defined limits.
        The productivity of any organization is usually calculated using the formula:
                              Productivity = Output / Input
         But a rough index of employee productivity is calculated as follows:
                   Employee Productivity = Total Production / Total no. of employees
        Exit Interviews, the rate of turnover and rate of absenteesim are source of vital information on the satisfaction level of manpower. For conservation of Human Resources and better utilization of men studying these condition, manpower control would have to take into account the data to make meaningful analysis.

        Extent of Overtime:
The amount of overtime paid may be due to real shortage of men, ineffective management or improper utilization of manpower. Manpower control would require a careful study of overtime statistics.

Few Organizations do not have sufficient records and information on manpower. Several of those who have them do not have a proper retrieval system. There are complications in resolving the issues in design, definition and creation of computerized personnel information system for effective manpower planning and utilization. Even the existing technologies in this respect is not optimally used. This is a strategic disadvantage.
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