Bangladesh a possible unbeatable eco-tourists destination

Author Topic: Bangladesh a possible unbeatable eco-tourists destination  (Read 1736 times)

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Bangladesh a possible unbeatable eco-tourists destination
« on: December 16, 2009, 10:14:05 AM »
As a destination for eco-tourism, Bangladesh is truly hard to beat. A country in South Asia with an area of 144,470 square kilometers, Bangladesh definitely offers a lot to see, enjoy and do. Bangladesh means a ‘country where Bangli is spoken’ [ancient name is 'Banga']‘ Bangla is our language; Desh means ‘country’. Ancient name is ‘Bangla’. Students gave life in 1952 to establish the right to Bangla language. Indepence in 1971 cost a lot of blood. Sharing land boundary with and Myanmar, Bangladesh is one of the most beautiful country in South Asia with tremendous economic potentials. Its tropical beach resorts on the Bay of Bengal should be paradise for the sun vacationers. But the main attraction of Bangladesh should be its opportunities for eco-tourism with its a variety of animals, birds, forests, hills and hillocks and aquatic life. The splendour of its six seasons presents a diverse eco-system. The world’s longest natural beach at Cox’s Bazaar, the nearby jungles and forests with their rich variety of flora and fauna, the Chittagong Hill Tracts’ cloud forests so named because the moisture of the mists linger on the tree leaves and fascinate tourists. A cable car network to be set up at Bandarban would enable tourists observe the plant and animal life from the treetop level. For the more adventurous, there are places built for the tourists to get the experience of moving from tree to tree using a network of rope attachments. Dry forests in some parts of Chittagong, seasons’ variation every two months, an abundance of canals and rivers can be attraction for tourists. Besides many species of birds, there is a Bangladesh’s exotic wildlife that includes the majestic Bengal tigers, monkeys, jaguars, bats, deer and reptiles. For nature tours no place can match the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest as has rightly been identified by World Heritage Site.

Sea turtles and oysters come to certain beaches to nest, attracting, without fail, many nature lovers. The wildlife rich aquatic life of the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh’s rivers remain added attractions. The Saint Martins offer excellent scuba diving opportunities, quite different from the Caribbean waters.

Tea and Mangoes are some of the main exports for Bangladesh. For tea lovers, this is the place to taste the best of liquoring teas in the world. A bit strong, the liquoring teas are of course known for their colour too. Tour across the valleys of Sylhet and its numerous tea plantations could be quite a thrilling experience. Tourists would think twice before leaving the miles of fascinating mangoplantations of Rajshahi in the north-west without tasting the delicious fruits, of course in the season of mellow fruit-fullness.

The historic capital city of Dhaka is known for its nice ancient architecture. It is also known as a city of mosques. A tourist can go for trips to the various hill stations, historic places and beaches using Dhaka as the base. Chittagong, the port city known for its low hills is full of gereeneries. It is closer to the resorts like Cox’s Bazar. The roads of Bangladesh are more or less good.

There is so much to see and do in Bangladesh that many visitors return to see what they missed before. The country is becoming popular as an eco-destination in South Asia.